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Calm Sea

Hello and welcome! Thank you for considering Restore Pelvic Health Physical Therapy! I think it’s important for you to know a little about me to help you decide whether I’m the right fit for you and your needs.

I started treating pelvic floor dysfunction unexpectedly, but after beginning pelvic health training and treating my first pelvic floor patient, I quickly developed a true passion for it. This population has been underserved for too long, and there’s still too much of a gap in understanding about how physical therapists can treat pelvic floor dysfunction. The results of pelvic floor therapy can truly be life changing.


In my heart, I’m an educator, and one thing I love about my profession is that I get to teach people about their bodies.  Knowledge is power. My goal is to empower my clients by helping them understand their bodies and how to manage their symptoms long-term.

Outside of my profession, I’m a wife, dog mom, scuba diver, and food snob. I’m committed to staying active, and I generally love all things outdoors. Except for a yearly snow skiing trip or two, you’ll find me where it’s warm (or just hot)!


Currently, I serve as a delegate for the Alabama Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association because I believe in advocating for the physical therapy profession. I have completed training in pelvic floor dysfunction through the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, including Levels 1, 2A, and 2B. I'm actively taking classes toward a Certificate of Achievement in Obstetrics through the APTA Pelvic Health Section, and I have training in manipulation through the Spinal Manipulation Institute and in functional dry needling through the Integrative Dry Needling Institute. 

Please reach out if you are considering Restore Pelvic Health Physical Therapy. I hope you'll allow me to help you on your journey! 


Jessica Munk, PT, DPT

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